This collection contains commencement programs for graduation ceremonies at the University of Northern Iowa. It also includes some early documents related to UNI commencement, including invitations and schedules. The university was known as Iowa State Normal School until 1909, Iowa State Teachers College from 1909 to 1961, and as the State College of Iowa from 1961 to 1967. These commencement programs are not an official graduate list.

Winter Term Commencement [Program], March 8, 1926

Souvenir Program of the Fiftieth Commencement of the Iowa State Teachers College, May 28 - June 1, 1926

Fall Commencement [Program], December 15, 2007

Spring Term Commencement [Program], June 1, 1926

Summer Term Commencement [Program], August 19, 1926

Fall Term Commencement [Program], November 29, 1926

Winter Term Commencement [Program], March 7, 1927

Spring Term Commencement [Program], May 31, 1927

Summer Term Commencement [Program], August 18, 1927

Fall Term Commencement [Program], December 5, 1927

Winter Term Commencement [Program], March 9, 1920

Spring Term Commencement [Program], June 1, 1920