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UNI Conservation Corp project. Geomorphic Assessment & Streambank Restoration of Dry Run Creen Project - 22 Geomorphology students with Professor Chad Heinzel, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Geomorphology--Iowa--Dry Run Creek (Black Hawk County); Watershed management--Iowa--Dry Run Creek (Black Hawk County);


Dry Run Creek (DRC) watershed is a primary drainage basin located in northwestern Black Hawk County (Figure 1). It is fed predominantly by agricultural runoff in its upper reaches, and becomes heavily urbanized as it travels through the city of Cedar Falls, before draining into the Cedar River. The stream is perennial, however some are tiled and new segments have developed both naturally and artificially. Re-evaluation of the creek is underway and indicates some changes in urban and rural areas. Data was collected between Fall 2016 & Fall 2017 by University of Northern Iowa geomorphology students, using handheld GPS devices and standardized data sheets.


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