Center for Energy & Environmental Education

Center for Energy & Environmental Education

Director: Kamyar Enshayan

Mission: To empower Iowans with the knowledge, experiences, tools, and inspiration needed to create a sustainable and desirable future for our communities

UNI’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education (CEEE) helps children, youth, and adults make sense of complex environmental and energy-related issues while finding ways for the community to participate in positive, solution-oriented responses. The CEEE creates opportunities for UNI students and faculty to take leadership roles in creating more sustainable communities, and brings diverse stakeholders together to find common ground while working to solve problems. From know-how to do-now, the CEEE staff design community-oriented programs that focus on implementing what we already know.

    Guiding Principles
  • Start at home within our own lives, organizations, and communities. Support individual learning to provide experiential opportunities to learn, grow, and engage with others through positive actions for a better future.
  • Provide accurate accounts of current conditions and a positive, hopeful vision for the future.
  • Recognize the inter-connectedness of humanity and the biosphere. Work in partnership with other groups and organizations to create synergies for our shared values and aspirations.
  • Highlight public policies that lead to energy conservation, implementation of renewable energy, protection of air, soil, water and ecosystem services, and foster personal change through actions.


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