Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2018

Nitrogen Resorption in Cattail Species: Are There Differences?, Clarissa Ruiz Oral Presentation

Events from 2017

Characterization of an Ancient Tetraploid Genome (Cypriniformes: Catostomidae), Charles Barden Poster Presentation

Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Metolachlor Treated Human Liver Cells, Navinder Brar Oral Presentation

Epidemiological and Experimental Evidence of Sex-dependent Responses to Infection with Leishmania infantum, Ryan Lockard Oral Presentation


Antiproliferative Effects of Hibernating American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) Blood Plasma on THP-1 Cells, Sean Robbins Open Access Poster Presentation

Events from 2016

Evaluating Gene Expression of Metolachlor Treated Human Cells, Navinder Brar Poster Presentation


Effects of Predator Satiation on Seed Predation in New Roadside Prairie Plantings, Jessica Riebkes Open Access Poster Presentation


Effects of Soil Type and Diversity on Soil Respiration and Litter Decomposition in a Perennial Biofuel Production System, Jordan Young Open Access Poster Presentation

Events from 2015

Metabolic Response to Drought Stress in Barley, Jordan Hein Oral Presentation


The Effects of Metolachlor Exposure in THP-1 Alveolar and Monocyte and Macrophage Cellular Functions, Jared Parmater Open Access Oral Presentation