Annual Graduate Student Symposium Programs



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Panel Program Schedule - Table of Contents

--Welcome from President Mark Nook

--Graduate Education for the Greater Public Good-Alumni Panel

1) Panelist: Tatum Buse; BA Accounting & MBA, UNI; Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller, Rockwell Collins, Inc.

2) Panelist: Quentin Hart; BA Sociology, Minnesota State University; MAE in Postsecondary Education Student Affairs, UNI; Mayor of Waterloo, Iowa

3) Panelist: Katie Mulholland; BA Art; MA Special Education & EdD, Educational Administration, UNI; President Pro Tem, Iowa Board of Regents.

4) Panelist: Christopher Shackelford; BA History & MA History, UNI; Historical Content and Program Developer, Grout Museum District, Waterloo, Iowa.

-- Kavita Dhanwada, Dean of the Graduate College, Moderator


University of Northern Iowa. Graduate Student Symposium


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Tenth Annual Graduate Student Symposium [Panelist Program Schedule], 2017

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