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I am going to basically say everything that Dr. Lamberti said, only in a different key, as it were. I would much rather explore some of these theoretical things but hopefully not over anyone’s head. To start, I will try to give you an understanding of where I’m coming from in terms of looking at the turns here. Any good English major knows a turn is just a trope. So, what are some of the major turns that are going on within digital studies? I think there’s a lot of anxiety. Folks have been saying large-scale pronouncements about a revolution going on in terms of communication that we haven’t seen since the invention of the printing press. Those of you who know some of the history of that may know there’s debate over whether it was the printing press that caused things like the French Revolution or the Enlightenment in Europe, or whether it was the availability of paper. Again, a lot of these academic and historical debates are sort of beside the point, whether one thing caused another or something else. Instead there was broad, ecological, and systemic changes that really were more of an evolution. So why do we need to pinpoint one thing or another? Something I think the digital allows us to see is the more dynamic back and forth, rather than looking for a particular cause or effect. In essence, there’s a turn right there. These are the kinds of turns that I look at in my scholarship.

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