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There is a segment in the movie "Bedazzled" which appears pertinent to the present discussion. The scene is inside a classroom. A table is covered with a stack of red apples, indicating the popularity of the teacher and perhaps symbolizing forbidden fruit. Actress Elizabeth Hurley, wearing a short skirt and tight sweater, is teaching in front of a classroom full of young men. She walks to a blackboard where tomorrow's homework assignments are written. "OK boys, tonight's homework. Algebra: XN + YN = ZN, but you are never going to use that, are you?" She erases the assignment. There are cheers from the class. Hurley looks at the next assignment. "Imperialism and the First World War... what is done is done, I say. No point in thinking about it now:" more cheers from the class. "German, French, Spanish... Ja, Ja, Oui, Oui, Si, Si... Nonsense! Everyone speaks English anyway, and if they don't, they ought to:" agreeing laughter from the class. "So, no homework tonight. But I want you to watch lots of television. Don't neglect your video games, and I'll see you in the morning. Shall we say 10… 10:30... no point in getting up too early is there?"

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Fall 2005

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