Undergraduate Student Work


This collection contains works written by undergraduate students in the Department of Special Education at the University of Northern Iowa. All student works require department, unit, or individual faculty approval before they are posted to UNI ScholarWorks.


Submissions from 2015


The Son-Rise Program: strategies for teachers working with students on the autism spectrum, Danielle Martens Honors Program Thesis (UNI Access Only)


How inclusion is defined and implemented in elementary classrooms, Bailey Jo Wright Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Submissions from 2012


How autism is portrayed in the media, Miranda Madesian Honors Program Thesis (UNI Access Only)

Submissions from 1998


The use of medication in the management of attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder, Abigail S. Natvig Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis

Submissions from 1995


Are learning disabilities discovered or constructed: The unintended consequences and failures of realism as the philosophical basis of learning disabilities theory, Nicole C. Buhl Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis