Undergraduate Student Work (Complete)


This collection contains works by undergraduate students in the Department of Physics at the University of Northern Iowa. All student works require department, unit, or individual faculty review.

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Events from 2019

Acquisition of Knowledge Using Parallax BOE Online Manual, Tyler Brown and Tim Kidd

Computational study of low-dimensional materials, Ryan Carlile, Andrew Stollenwerk, and Pavel Lukashev

Analysis of Insulative Properties of Cellulose Aerogels by Solid Volume Fraction, Dexter Cox and Tim Kidd


Influence of Sonication Parameters on the Morphology of Nanocellulose Aerogels, Dexter Cox and Tim Kidd Open Access Poster Presentation

Technique Development of Finite Layer Dichalcogenides by Mechanical Exfoliation on Gold Substrate, Taylor Harris and Tim Kidd


Aligning PRISMS Plus with NGSS and Physics Education Research, Juliana Huegerich and Lawrence Escalada


First Principles Study of Surface States and Tetragonal Distortion in Half Metals, Sam Prophet, Rishabh Dalal, Parashu Kharel, and Pavel Lukashev Open Access Poster Presentation

Image processing of cellular aggregates, Nathan P. Schmidt Poster Presentation

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Cytoskeletal Actin Networks, Nathan Schmidt and Ali Tabei

The Manhattan Project and the Globalization of Nuclear Weapons, Cole Schreiber and Paul Shand

Stochastic Lattice Simulation of the RAD51 Nucleoprotein Filament Formation on Single-Stranded DNA, Mary Sutton, Ali Tabei, Colleen Caldwell, and Maria Spies


Novel Data Analysis Methods in Multi-Channel and Multi-State Binding Experiments, Joseph Tibbs, Elizabeth Boehm, Wayne Bowie, Todd Washington, Maria Spies, and Ali Tabei Open Access Poster Presentation

Analyzing Understanding of Electromagnetism in Workshop Physics, Ernest Toutant III and Jeff Morgan

Identifying Elemental Composition of Sand Grain with EDX, Gaoyong Wu, Tim Kidd, and Patrick Pease

Submissions from 2018


Mass Analysis of Ballistic Electron Spectra, Willie Brown and Andrew Stollenwerk Open Access Undergraduate Student Work


Van der Waals interactions in ultrafine nanocellulose aerogels, Byron John Fritch Open Access Honors Program Thesis


Effect of Fe substitution on structural, magnetic and electron-transport properties of half-metallic Co2TiSi, Juliana Herran Open Access Poster Presentation

Submissions from 2017


Magnetic behavior of bulk and nanostructured MnxTaS2, Lucas Paul Beving Open Access Honors Program Thesis


TiO2 Coating Method for Nanocellulose Aerogel, Byron Fritch Open Access Poster Presentation


Effect of Structural Disorder on Magnetic Properties of MnCrVAl, Juliana Herran Open Access Poster Presentation

Events from 2016


Spin-gapless semiconductivity and half metallicity in Heusler alloys, Bradley A. Staten Open Access Poster Presentation

Submissions from 2011


Growth and characterization of nanoscale thin films, Erik Thomas Wolter Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Submissions from 2004


Theoretical neuroscience: modeling the activation mechanism of potassium channels in neurons, Kevin Twedt Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis

Submissions from 1998


A tale of two chickens: exploring the social and economic implications of our food choices, Laura Bainbridge Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis

Submissions from 1997


Electromagnetic reaction cross sections in relativistic heavy ion collisions, Jack Dostal Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis

Submissions from 1994


The modeling of phosphorus dynamics in a lake system, Todd N. Swift Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis