Undergraduate Student Work (Complete)


This collection contains works by undergraduate students in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Northern Iowa. All student works require department, unit, or individual faculty review.

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Events from 2019


Investigating Fourier Coefficient Relationships of Cepheid Variable Stars, Forrest Cronin and Siobahn Morgan Open Access Poster Presentation

Determining the Source of Materials Used in Artifacts Found Within Seebergers Cave in Jackson County, Iowa, Faith Luce and Chad Heinzel Poster Presentation


Developing Effective Air Quality Simulations Using AERMOD Model, Jens Petersen and Xinhua Shen Poster Presentation (UNI Access Only)

Submissions from 2018


Relationships Between Fluvial Ecosystems and the Iowan Erosion Surface, Lilian Heinzel and Chad E. Heinzel Open Access Undergraduate Student Work

Submissions from 2015


Eastern Iowa lithics and their effects on Oneota culture, Caitlin Mary Kelly Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Submissions from 2012


An environmental systems analysis of hydropower and its effects upon indigenous settlements in Karnataka, India, Amy Joens Open Access Honors Program Thesis