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Program of a music recitals given by faculty, students, or guest artists from the School of Music at the University of Northern Iowa.

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Performer 1

Christopher Merz, director

Performer 2

Michael Conrad, director

Performer 3

Luke Sanders, Director

Performer 4

Max McBride


Selections of UNI Jazz Band Three by B. Carter, T. Synder, T. Puente, J. Hamilton, P. Metheny, M. League; Selections of UNI Jazz Band Two by H. Arlen, Selections of UNI Jazz Band One by W. Shorter; UNI Jazz Combos announced selections from stage.


  • UNI Jazz Band One: Tyler Utter, Andrea Verburg, Johnny Hartleip, Kyle Punt, Jake Brandenburg, James Mons, Andrew Piper, Riley Jermier, Morgan Eadie, Gus Geiger, Jack Dunning, Turner Sperry, Donovan Klutho, Luke Sanders, Alayna Ringsby, Michael Gedden, and Jackson Schou.
  • UNI Jazz Band Two: Tim Schmidt, Ethan Staples, Jax Barry, Logan Neifert, Conrad Werth, Trey Blaser, Ben Thessen, Kelley Meinen, Levi Dugger, Owen Weimer, Maggie Cremers, Chayla Besonen, Zach Miller, Nick Haats, Oisin Leopold, Sam Stover, and Treyton Patterson.
  • UNI Jazz Band Three: Molly Lappe, Zac Goodall, Paige Bachelder, Erwin Phipps, Tanner Richards, Matt Kapka, Dino Kudic, Chase Kline, Bryce Kleven, Justin Hughes, Sophia Pastorino, Ryan Hyslope, Jacob Chaplin, Jake Giddens, Max McBride, Sam Stover, Reed Andrews, Tyler Darnall, and Ethan Newbrough.
  • UNI Jazz Combos – Personnel: Jax Barry, Riley Jermier, Levi Dugger, Alayna Ringsby, Michael Gedden, Reed Andrews, Ethan Newbrough, Max McBride, Logan Neifert, Justin Hughes, Hezakiah Buckhanan, Luke Sanders, Matt Edwards, Timothy Schmidt, Andrew Piper, Nick Haats, Sam Stover, Troy Miller, Christopher Merz, Tyler Utter, Johnny Hartleip, Luke Sanders, Max McBride, Michael Gedden, Jackson Schou, Dr. Michael Conrad, Kyle Punt, Jacob Giddens, Oisin Leopold, and Trey Patterson.

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School of Music, University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA


UNI ScholarWorks, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa



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UNI Jazz Band One, UNI Jazz Band Two, UNI Jazz Band Three, and UNI Jazz Combos, April 23,  2021 [program]



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