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Video Tape Tutoring

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Engineering educators have long recognized that some of the technology created by engineering can be used to educate future generations of engineers. Television is a good example. There are several basic ways television can be used as an educational tool. First, it can be used to transmit information to many different locations simultaneously. Second, it can be used to transmit information instantaneously to or from remote locations. Third, it can be adapted to display instantaneously the output from both digital and analog computers. The words "simultaneously" and "instantaneously" are key words because otherwise conventional film could do the same thing. Even in applications where "simultaneously" and "instantaneously" are not critical adverbs, the video tape medium has some advantages over film. Specifically it can be erased and reused continuously and it can be replayed immediately after recording without intermediate processing. However, we really shouldn't think in terms of video tape versus film but rather that they are two media that have both similar and dissimilar characteristics which make it possible to use them in a complementary mode as well as in a competitive mode.

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September 1974

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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