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Stratigraphy, Mississippian, Iowa, Meramec Series, Osage Series, Kinderhook Series


Formational units of the Meramec Series are present only in the southwestern portion and along the southern edge of north-central Iowa, and are disconformably overlain by Pennsylvanian, Cretaceous or Pleistocene strata. Rock units of the Osage Series have approximately the same distribution as those of the Meramec Series, but because of facies changes and diagenetic alterations it often is difficult to identify individual formations. Rock units of the Kinderhook Series are present throughout most of the southern half of north-central Iowa. Alternating units of limestone and dolostone form the principal basis upon which formations and members have been identified. Areally, there is no uniformity, either horizontal or vertical in the extent of dolomization. Consequently, many subsurface sections show an unusually thick formation or a "missing" member. The three formations that comprise the North Hill Group are present only in northeastern Hardin and southeastern Franklin Counties. Usually, only the Prospect Hill Siltstone is identifiable in the southwestern portion of the region. Petrologic study is needed to establish better criteria for separation of formations and members in the Mississippian sequence of north-central Iowa. Such criteria can be established only through analysis of the surface and subsurface sections.

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March 1973

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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