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The environmental problems that we face today are largely associated with what we call the "good life." The "good life" consists of lots of leisure time, low cost of goods, lots of modem conveniences, etc. This means the convenience of prepackaged foods, throw-away containers, and all kinds of disposables. The free time gives us lots of time to travel, recreation, etc. We're able to afford it because we have mass production made possible primarily by electrical energy. We like to travel so we need lots of transportation: automobiles, airplanes, etc. Our income has gone up faster than our costs, and spendable income has increased. All of this is based on technology. The engineer helped create this situation which we have come to enjoy and he must now help the population to understand the situation that we have and to seek out ways to resolve this matter in an enlightened fashion, and help the population to understand it. Then we can all resolve the matter by setting priorities and weighing costs with benefits.

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December 1972

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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