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The growth and morphology of a nasal porcine trichomonad (probably Tritrichomonas suis) were studied on organisms grown in axenic cultures m C.P.L.M. medium under a variety of environmental conditions including temperature changes (20°C., 25°C., 30°C., 35°C., 40°C.) and ranges in pH (4.1, 4.6, 5.1, 5.6, 6.1, 6.6, 7.1, 7.6, 8.1, 8.6, and 9.1). Temperatures of 25°C., 30°C., and 35°C. supported active growth with maximal populations of 3,050,000, 5,150,000, and 5,200,000 per ml., respectively. The optimal pH for growth was found to be within the range of 5.1-7.6, but the organism can be successfully grown between a pH range of 4.6 to 8.6. The morphology of the organism was studied in relation to the environmental temperatures and a change in size was noted. At cooler temperatures the organisms were wider, nucleus was smaller, and the axostyle tip was longer. Both temperature and hydrogen ion concentration influenced the size of the organisms. At both 30°C. and 35°C. the smallest organisms were in the pH range of 6.1-7.1; whereas, the organisms were longer in the pH range of 4.6-5.6 and also in the pH range of 7.6-8.6. At each temperature the organisms were wider in the acid range. Such morphological changes associated with changing environmental conditions must be taken into consideration when taxonomy is based upon morphological structures.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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