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The nomenclatural history of some Upper Cherokee coals of Iowa is reviewed, beginning with the 1870 geological survey. The Lacona, Panora, Wheeler, Marshall, and Lonsdale coals were named by St. John. The two more important coal beds, the Panora and Wheeler, are discussed in detail. The Panora, described in Guthrie County, was in 1927 renamed Whitebreast by A. L. Lugn for exposures in Lucas County within half a mile of St. John's type section of the Wheeler Coal. At the time of description both coals were measured at each type section in NE¼ sec. 33, T. 73 N., R. 22 W., Lucas County, Iowa, and in April 1969 both coals were still exposed, although the Whitebreast was found only at the Wheeler locality and the Wheeler at the Whitebreast locality. The Bevier Coal has been interpreted to split, the lower bench then called the "Wheeler" and the upper bench called the "Bevier." A palynological investigation of these coal beds by Habib indicated that the lower bench of the split Bevier is not the Wheeler Coal. The Bevier Coal is poorly documented in Iowa. The Lacona Coal occurs 20 to 40 feet below the Whitebreast and may be of only local importance. The Marshall and Lonsdale coal beds occur in the Marmaton Group above the Cherokee.

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