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In the Mini-bloc: Chance and Challenge for independent study and research, the writer suggests as an opportunity to provide training in desirable study habits and in critical thinking, a unit plan which allows for a study in depth of some aspect of biology on an individual basis. The investigation of a topic selected by the student himself and pursued at his own rate, aims to lead the individual student to the formulation of concepts and a knowledge of scientific principles based upon his reading and experimentation. Due to personal interest in the topic and an unscheduled plan of procedure, the student arrives at a measure of success comparable to his range of capabilities. The unit bloc provides for an independent study project of reading, doing, and reporting in both written and oral form. The four-week project is a chance and a challenge for every student: the less capable as well as the high-ability performer. The utilization of a block of time set aside for the single project study gives it a resemblance to the BSCS laboratory blocks, lacking, however, a definite format. The procedural plan must be outlined by the student himself; this is his challenge.

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