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Studies of immunological reactions with Ascaris lumbricoides var. suum have been carried out by a number of investigators involving in vitro and in vivo tests. As far as can be determined agglutinin antibodies have not been demonstrated. It seems likely that agglutinins may be produced in experimental animals if appropriate techniques for their demonstration are devised. Two rabbits were bled initially from the external marginal ear vein. These sera were used as controls. The rabbits were immunized with body fluid and egg antigens of Ascaris lumbricoides var. suum at various intervals for a three and one-half week period. At the end of that period the rabbits were sacrificed and the immune sera recovered. Ascaris eggs were decoated with five per cent sodium hypochlorite (Chlorox) with the outer protein coat being removed within 20 minutes. Decoated eggs were suspended in sterile saline. One-tenth cubic centimeter of immune serum was added to one-tenth cc of suspended egg solution in a hanging drop preparation, and observed with the aid of a microscope. The demonstration of agglutinin antibodies against the body fluid and egg antigens of Ascaris was accomplished by the addition of immune sera to a saline egg suspension in a hanging drop preparation. The highest agglutinin titer demonstrated against the egg antigen was 1:32. The highest agglutinin titer demonstrated against the body fluid antigen was 1:64. The results obtained from this study indicate that agglutinins can be produced in response to body fluid and egg antigens of Ascaris lumbricoides var. suum.

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