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F2 derived lines from 6 oat crosses were evaluated for production of the two yield components, spikelets per panicle and seed weight in 1958. From the yield component data the yielding ability of each line was predicted. All lines having a predicted yielding capacity of ll0% or more were tested for actual yielding ability in 1959. The calculated yield differential between the means of the selected lines and of the whole population was 16%, whereas the mean differential for actual yield in 1959 was only 5%. In a companion study using 5 of the crosses, grain yield itself was the selection criterion. The differential between the mean yield of the crosses and the selected samples was 14% in 1958, whereas the mean yield of the selected sample was 7% higher than the cross means in 1959. Comparable values for these 5 crosses using the yield-component selection method were 17% and 6%, respectively. When costs and percentage of the selection differential retained were both considered, the use of grain yield as the selection criterion was most efficient. When calculated yields were correlated with actual yields, either within the same year or between years, the mean correlation was approximately +0.40.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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