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The channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), ranks first on the preferred list of the Iowa stream angler. It abounds everywhere in those streams of the state which have permanent or year around flows. Also, it is the only game species of economic importance that has state-wide distribution in our flowing waters. Because of its unchallenged popularity an.d wide spread distribution, the species has been accorded considerable attention in the study and management of Iowa streams. Many phases in the life history of the channel catfish are being explored with the hope that as answers are found and are coordinated, that constructive efforts can be inaugurated toward accomplishment of our ultimate goal of more catfish for more catfishermen. One phase of this work involves the study of the growth of the channel catfish in Iowa waters. The primary intent of this inquiry is to discover the time required for channel catfish to reach creel size in typical Iowa waters; how the growth rate compares with other areas in the Mid-west; whether there is periodicity in the growth pattern; and whether' certain observable circumstances such as fish kills, prolonged floods or droughts have any effect upon the growth of the species.

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