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Approximately two years ago, a contract was signed between Bendix Aviation Corporation and St. Ambrose College of Davenport, Iowa, initiating the Student Industrial Research Program. For the past nine months, in conjunction with this program, work has been done on the project entitled "Fuels for Calibration of Fuel Flowmeters." It is a known fact that in calibrating any measuring device, it is necessary to use a standard reflecting the properties of the material to be measured in service. Specifically, we are concerned with aviation fuel flowmeters. It has recently become apparent that some jet fuels in current production depart from the calibrating standards now in force at Pioneer-Central Division of Bendix. An awareness of this fact led to the initiation of this project. In calibrating a fuel flowmeter, the physical properties of the fuel, namely, specific gravity and viscosity, must be accurately controlled. Temperature variation does not affect the calibration due to temperature compensators within the sealed system. In order to determine the most advantageous values of specific gravity and viscosity, it was necessary to obtain samples of these fuels from oil companies all over the world. In view of this, the investigation was divided into two phases; the first concerning domestic fuels, and the second concerning foreign fuels.

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