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The protein components of the serum of newborn infants have occupied the attention of few investigators. McKhann and Kapnick (1) pointed out that newborn infants show an immunity to many diseases during the first months of life. Electrophoretic studies carried out by Tiselius and Kabat (2) demonstrated that the gamma globulin fraction of the serum contains the antibodies. Other investigators (3, 4, 5) reported a low ratio of albumin to globulin in the serum of newborn infants. The increase in globulin was shown to be mainly in the gamma globulin component (6, 7, 8, 9). Since the technique of filter paper electrophoresis is adaptable to small quantities of serum, it is a useful method for the fractionation of the proteins of the serum of newborn infants. This study was undertaken to determine normal values for the serum protein components of newborn infants employing the technique of paper and free electrophoresis. It is hoped that these normal values will find use as a base line in further studies of serum proteins in newborn infants.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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