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The application and correlation of recently discovered characters with others already in use in the Sarcophagidae clarify some problems of relationship among the major divisions of this family. The Agriini, including Wohlfahrtia, may be much more accurately defined, and may be shown to be very closely related to the Miltogramminae, but not so closely related to the Sarcophaginae with which they are often associated. Below tribal level relationships are still obscure, although certain natural groups are roughly recognizable. Published studies presenting more detailed phylogenetic systems for these lower levels can be shown to be untenable on the basis of recent information. During the course of this study several important papers on the morphology of other Diptera were found to have direct bearing on the morphology of the Sarcophagidae with the result that some structures in this family (and other calyptrates) are now homologizable with structures of lower Diptera and, often, with those of other orders. Accordingly, several nomenclatoral changes are adopted in this paper. Such changes are not altogether welcome to some systematists; but, in view of the fact that many of these terms are already in use in several nematocerous families, it does not seem wise to prolong the use of a completely separate system of terminology as is now reserved for the higher Diptera. Other terms new to the Sarcophagidae were necessitated by the application of characters which have not yet been used in the family. The value of such characters makes their introduction desirable, especially since there is at present an apparent paucity of modifications applicable to females. These characters are also offered to support the idea that the Sarcophagidae are not so devoid of external characters of phylogenetic significance as is sometimes thought; and further study is likely to result in the discovery of more usuable modifications.

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