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Throughout the country today a new electronic dimension is being added to many classrooms-television. A tremendous amount of effort, time, and money is being spent to produce and transmit educational television programs to the schools and it appears that this output has not yet even approached its peak. In view of this fact, one would expect to find a somewhat proportionate amount of research being carried out to evaluate television as an educational tool so that it can be determined how it can be maximally effective. Such, though, is not the case. There is a surprising dearth of such research. It must be noted that this research is difficult. First of all, no criteria for evaluation have been firmly established. There are many variables which complicate any form of measurement. Teachers vary greatly in their ability to tie programs in with what is meaningful to the specific school situation. Schools vary in the amount of pre-program and post-program activities in which they engage for the purpose of pointing up the major points of each program. The programs are often viewed by different grade levels in different schools. Not all schools use them in conjunction with regular courses. Measurement is further complicated by the fact that many of the programs are not designed to teach objective information, which is comparatively simple to test, but rather aim at motivating the students to take a greater interest in the subject matter and, in the case of one series of programs produced by the University of Iowa during the past two years, to achieve a higher degree of personal adjustment.

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