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By implication this is a progress report of a study of the driving population of the State of Iowa. The problem is the identification of driving and accident characteristics of motor vehicle operators with reference to such factors as age, sex, mileage driven, and time of day when most driving is done. The need for such a study becomes apparent when one notes the lack of information regarding the driving and accident patterns of motor vehicle operators at the various ages, and when one observes the current practice of generalizing from group data regarding accident involvement of specific age groups as well as the rather uniform practice of referring to youthful and teen-age drivers as the troublesome groups. To be sure, the National Safety Council reports a high rate of involvement for youthful groups. But a breakdown of accidents according to age levels is impossible because of the current practice of grouping the entire driving population whose ages range from 15 to 65 years and over, into four categories: 15-24 years, 25-44 years, 45-64 years, and 65 years and over. The analysis is further complicated by the lack of information regarding the mileage driven by the respective age-level drivers. Lately the Connecticut Department of Motor-Vehicles has reported on the relation of safe driving to age, and Moran and Collins report on the relation of frequency of accidents to age. But as yet there is not available sufficient information regarding the relationship of driving record to such factors as age, sex, mileage driven, and time of day when most driving is being done. It is the purpose of the Iowa study to provide such information. This report covers but a segment of the overall problem.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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