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We are assembled here today to bring to its thrilling conclusion the Sixth Iowa Science Talent Search and to present to the winners, the Clinton Foods Science. Scholarship Awards. Ever since the inception of the Clinton Foods Awards, it has been my privilege, as well as my pleasant duty, to make these presentations. On behalf of Clinton Foods I want to say that we are proud of the part we play in encouraging young scientists at the high school level, by rewarding their meritorious efforts and by aiding the further training of these talented young people at the college leveL We are proud of our part. But we are fully aware of the indispensable part played by the Iowa Academy of Science and its Special Committee for the sponsorship and administration of the contest and the ranking of the entries. We are deeply grateful to the Academy, and especially to the Committee, for the endless man-hours they have contributed and for the difficult decisions they have to make in selecting this group of winners out of the hundreds of entries. We wish especially to extend our thanks to your President Professor F. E. Brown who has fostered this program from the beginning.

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