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Behavior disorders or so-called "experimental neuroses" have been observed by many investigators in a variety of species. Finger1 indicates that convulsive behavior has been studied experimentally in such mammals as the cat, dog, mouse, rabbit and pig. Hall and Martin2 refer to behavior disorders in the chimpanzee and rat. So far as is known only rats and mice have been found susceptible to audiogenic seizures. It has been found that abnormal behavior may be elicited by a variety of stimuli such as conflict, sound, electric shock, drugs, and ·dietary deficiency. Although the literature appears to indicate that a variety of species and stimuli have been used in experimental investigation, "the rat continues to hold its pre-eminent position as an animal in laboratory investigation." It is for this reason that the writer has found it necessary to refer to studies in which the rat has been used. In this paper the writer has attempted to confine his investigation to the influence that increasing age may have on behavior and audiogenic seizures in an inbred strain of mice. Age was selected for investigation since there appeared to be little published evidence concerning the influence of this factor on behavior and audiogenic seizures.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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