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The family Folliculinidae is composed of ciliated Protozoa which belong to the order Spirotrichida. The family is characterized by a flask-shaped, transparent lorica and by a peristomial field drawn out into two wing-like projections which can be extended beyond the aperature of the lorica when the animal is feeding, and can be withdrawn into the lorica when the animal contracts. The known species of this family are all marine except for one fresh water form, Folliculina boltoni. This unique member of the family has been found in Europe and South America, and Wailes (1928) described it from a fresh water lake on Vancouver Island, B. C., but Andrews (1948) considers this record to be questionable. The occurrence of F. boltoni in Iowa has been reported by the author (Hamilton, 1950a). Penard (1919) and Thomsen (1921) have studied the morphology of F. boltoni and the former observed some stages in the life cycle. Apparently, however, observations on the migratory stages of this animal have been fragmentary. Kahl (1935) and Faure-Fremiet (1936) suggest that the marine form, Folliculina simplex is morphologically identical to F. boltoni. The morphology and life cycle of F. simplex have been given by Faure-Fremiet (1932) who provisionally identified the species as F. ampulla, but later (Faure Fremiet, 1936) he states that the animal was Folliculina simplex.

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