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As a result of considerable psychological investigation in the field of individual differences, Tyler (3) and others have stated that social factors, such as amount of education, are related to mental abilities. This statement suggested the possibility that social factors may be related to changes in mental abilities over a chronological age span. The knowledge of social correlates, if any, of the changes in mental abilities is an important preliminary step for further research designed to determine causation. Due to the lack of information in the literature concerning this relationship, it was believed worthwhile to conduct a longitudinal study directly concerned with the social correlates of intellectual changes with age. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship, if any, between certain social factors and the changes in mental abilities over a 31-year age span. This was part of a larger study made possible through a grant by the Office of Naval Research, and was under the guidance of Dr. W. A. Owens, Jr. The primary purpose of the larger study was a longitudinal approach to changes in mental abilities as age advances, and it will be made available in written form at a later date.

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