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The O'Connor Block test is widely known and is manufactured and sold without any very definite information as to its reliability and validity. In fact it seems to be used without great uniformity in method of administration. Whenever mechanical ability is discussed one is likely to hear of this test along with several others. No published studies of the O'Connor Block test of any great importance have been made on its relative merits and its reliability and validity. Several years ago exploratory studies on this test, along with others designed to measure mechanical aptitude and ingenuity, were conducted in the Driving Laboratory at Iowa State College. Various mechanical tests were used to ascertain their possible relation to driving. Although the O'Connor Block Test seems to be looked upon with some askance in some quarters, it did seem to screen out persons who would require considerable extra attention while learning to drive. This cue was followed up still further and a study using the O'Connor test was reported by Miller and Lauer (1946). A low positive correlation with driving performance was obtained but the subjects were largely Orientals and their driving performance rather irregular. Also there was some question as to the reliability of the test.

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