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Storm Lake, in Buena Vista County, is one of Iowa's largest inland bodies of water, covering a total of 3,060 acres. It is relatively shallow, with an average depth of about 6 feet, exclusive of a small dredged area along the east shore. The water in the lake is seldom clear due to wave action and heavy blooms of blue-green algae during summer. Spring and fall water conditions are usually good, and in recent years fishing has been excellent during these periods. The present game fish populations have been developed primarily by natural reproduction of indigenous species, and to a lesser degree from annual stocking. Many thousands of pounds of rough fish are removed annually to provide more suitable environmental conditions for the game fishes of the lake. Modern fish management is becoming an exacting and complicated process involving emphasis on population dynamics and environmental controls to produce good fishing for Iowa anglers. The artificial propagation and regulations formerly stressed are now considered much less important in management of most Iowa lakes and streams. Many states have eliminated closed seasons and creel limits entirely, and are maintaining good fishing in their waters. The pioneering work of Eschmeyer (1944-1945) and Langlois (1944), is an example of this trend.

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