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This paper completes a consideration of the southeastern Iowa specimens in the herbarium of the Parsons College Biology Department. As mentioned in the introductory paragraphs of Part I (Gilly and McDonald 1948), the majority of these specimens were collected by the authors during the years 1933 to 1937; additional collections were made in Jefferson County during the summer of 1946. The Pteridophytes, the single Gymnosperm, the Monocotyledons and the apetalous and polypetalous Dictotyledons were discussed in Part I of this paper. In this second part, a total of 288 species and wellmarked varieties of gamopetalous Dictotyledons, representing the families Monotropaceae to Cichoriaceae inclusive, are included. An additional Monocotyledon and eight apetalous or polypetalous Dicotyledons, omitted from Part I, are also included. This brings the number of species and varieties listed in the two parts of this paper to a total of 885; these are distributed among 111 families. Introduced weeds, waifs, and plants escaped from cultivation number 162 (or 18.3% of the total). Specimens from Jefferson County represent 821 species or varieties, and those from Van Buren County represent 314 entries.1/ A smaller number of species or varieties is also listed for each of six other southeastern Iowa counties, as follows: Davis, 24; Des Moines, 54; Henry, 39; Lee, 13; Wapello, 6; and Washington, 2.

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