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State Academies have seemingly had their greatest success in the Central-Western states. In these states the more isolated conditions of the scientific workers made the need for such organizations keenly felt. But, important as the academies have been in broadening and shaping the scientific views and attitudes of their members and in stimulating the scientific endeavors of its members and others within the scope of their influence, they quite early in their history took on another function of great importance. They soon began to serve in advisory capacities on various scientific problems concerning the welfare of the state and even of the nation; and through the activities of their members, working jointly in meetings and during the intervals between sessions, the majority of the projects based on the sciences and pertaining to the welfare of the state and general public have been either originated or early taken into the folds of the academies and then fostered through to adoption. Thus in their promotion of interest in the sciences and in their contributions to the solution of many problems vitally important to the progress of their respective state commonwealths the academies have been mighty centers of emanating wholesome influences on the civil and political affairs of their respective states. These influences are far too extensive, intangible, and profound for anyone to venture an attempt to properly evaluate them. However, it is this aspect of the Iowa Academy of Science that I wish to dwell considerably upon in this brief account.

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