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During the summers of 1938 to 1942 inclusive the writer was in charge of the course in Field Biology at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory on Lake West Okoboji. The first two or three weeks of the course were spent in studying the breeding habits of the birds of the· region; this was supplemented by much informal work during the· rest of the season. The dates covered are approximately the last three weeks of June; all July and the first three weeks of August. In 1938, 72 species of birds were recorded and nests of 33 species were observed; in 1939, 70 species and 33 nests; in 1940, 103 species and 37 nests; in 1941, 87 species and 30 nests; and in 1942, 94 species and 28 nests. The banner year coincided with the presence of Professor S. C. Kendeigh of the University of Illinois who was in residence during the summer of 1940. In all, 119 species of birds were recorded: and nests of 60 species observed. The greatest number of nests of any one species was 20 for the yellow warbler in 1938, 28 for the same species in 1939 and 34 in 1940. During the first two years, Mr. F. G. Schrantz was engaged in a study of the growth rate of the yellow warbler.

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