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In the fall quarters of 1939 and 1940 students entering the Iowa State College directly from high school with averages below 1.5l1 were grouped together in a "pre-admission guidance" program. In the two years considered, ninety-six students with high school averages below 1.51 entered the Iowa State College. The program was the same for both years. The students included in the program were asked to be on the campus two days before regular freshman week began. During these two days they were given tests of scholastic ability, silent reading skills, English and mathematics achievement. Fall quarter class schedules were made out for the students based largely upon the test results and the students' interests. The number of hours carried ranged from 11-14 hours. In no case were the students permitted to carry a normal load of 15-17 hours of class work. Nor were they given freshman mathematics and chemistry the first quarter. A special counselor who had no teaching duties and who could devote more time to counseling than is usually expected of the Iowa State College counselors, was assigned to the group. During the fall quarter this counselor devoted approximately twenty hours per week to individual counseling with the pre-admission students. He also met the group during the fall quarter for one hour twice a week in a combined study methods and remedial reading course.

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