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Research in the field of education has brought out many weaknesses of the older systems and methods of presenting subject matter. Perhaps some of the most revealing studies have been in the field of reading. The early work of Dodge (1) has been adequately supplemented by the researches of Gates (2) Judd (4) Gray and others. Not only have vast individual differences in reading rate been noted, but marked improvement has also been effected by systematic practice exercises. Much of the earlier work was done with grade pupils in the regular courses of study in reading. More recently Pressey (6) and others have continued studies at higher levels with very good results. Many of the proposed remedial methods involve course work or direct supervision of an instructor. Lauer (5) was able to evolve a self-improvement method which gave results of from 30-38 per cent improvement in reading speed in 20 practices as measured by the difference between the mean of the first three and the mean of the last three trials. The American Optical Company has developed the Metron-0-Scope to improve reading speed and comprehension. The present study was made to evaluate four methods of improving reading of college students, as follows: (1) verbal instruction without definite practice, (2) Metron-0-Scopic practice, (3) practice on mimeographed subject matter and (4) use of self-improvement form.

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