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The Genus Arabis in Iowa

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During the past year a critical study was made of the genus Arabis in Iowa. The specimens of the herbaria of Iowa State College at Ames. State University of Iowa at Iowa City, and Grinnell College at Grinnell were examined. Hopkins' recent paper "Arabis in Eastern and Central North America" was used in the identification of the plants. No attempt has been made to monograph the Iowa Arabis previously. The only records are those that have been published in the various papers on the state flora, only a few of which are at all complete for the state as a whole. Green (2) listed 7 species, Cratty (1), 7 species, and Hopkins (3) cited 6 species and 2 varieties from Iowa. The present investigation found 8 species and 3 varieties. According to Hopkins (3) two of the Iowa species undergo nomenclatural changes. A. pycnocarpa Hopkins was described to include the plant formerly known as A. hirsuta (L.) Scop. and A. brachycarpa (T. & G.) Britton listed by Cratty and Greene is known now as A. divaricarpa Nelson. In the following pages a key to the Iowa species is given as is also a brief description of them, and the citations of specimens examined. Specimens from the University of Iowa are indicated with a (U), those from Grinnell with a (G). All the others are in the herbarium of Iowa State College.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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