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In his retiring address to the American Society of Parasitologists, Dr. F. C. Bishop (1938) made the following plea: "I believe there is need for a textbook on parasitology suitable for grade and high school students, and that this society might well take the initiative in getting included in the curriculum of every high school in this country an elementary course in a subject which touches, often in a vital way, the life of every individual." Shall the schoolmen oi Iowa take his plea seriously? Residents of the temperate zone are inclined to refer matters of parasitological interest to mankind dwelling in the tropics or subtropics, and to feel themselves isolated from the sphere of parasites' activities. Such smugness came about as a matter of course, and was entirely justifiable; but, if coming events cast their shadows before, it may be time to consider a change of position. Without aspiring to play the role of alarmist and, as a consequence, draw the fire of your condemnation, I hope to develop the thought that Iowa now faces one major parasitological problem, that others are, appearing on the horizon, and that the youth of the state should he educated to comprehend and to meet these situations.

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