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A study has been made of the relationship between the grades received by students in an elementary course in Physics taken by Home Economics students at Iowa State College and the general high school average of the students. If the college course is taken during the student's first quarter in college a comparison of the curves expressing this relationship for pupils who have had a high school physics course and for pupils who have had no previous physics course shows that there is a particular high school general average below which there is no advantage in having had a previous physics course. On the other hand, for those students whose high school general averages are above this particular average the curves indicate that the advantage of having had a high school course is more pronounced in proportion to the general ability of the student as shown by his general average grade in high school. If the college course in Physics is not taken until two quarters of other college work have been taken (generally including two quarters of chemistry) a comparison shows the same type of curves as for the group having had the college course in their first college quarter but the general high school average, below which no advantage of a previous course is evident, is considerably higher. The data also show no such differentiation in the curves expressing the relationship between the general college average for the previous two quarters and the physics grade in the subsequent quarter for the two groups of students; that is, those having had physics in high school and those not having had a previous course in physics.

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