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Since the afternoon of April 28, 1933, which I spent in collecting plants along the banks of Copperas Creek in Van Buren County, Malcolm McDonald and myself -working under the direction of Professor Charles Carter - have been doing the foundation work preparatory to the publication of a Flora of Southeastern Iowa. In the course of this work we have built up a herbarium, of more than three thousand specimens, which is now preserved in the Biology Department of Parsons College. In addition to this field collecting and identification, we have consulted already published lists and examined specimens from other herbaria. We have conferred with persons who are well-acquainted with the plants of portions of this area, and the information contained in their unpublished lists has been utilized both in our work and in this paper. Thanks are here expressed to Mr. J. Wilbur Dole, of Fairfield, whose list of Jefferson County plants served as a basis for our early collecting and identifications; and to Professor H. E. Jaques, of the Iowa Wesleyan College Biology Department, and those students of his who compiled the list of specimens in their herbarium. A list of plants of Van Buren County, sent to us by the late Mr. E. W. Graves, of Bentonsport, shortly before his death has been of great help to us.

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