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During the winter of 1924-25 the Soils Department of Iowa State College received a number of soil samples taken from a farm in Franklin county. The tenant on this farm claimed the soils were alkaline, basing his conclusion on the poor crop response. The county agent had tested the soils, using the regular potassium thio-cyanate method, and found them slightly acid. The owner was interested in securing a better crop growth. 13. Observations of some-Because of the importance of farm manures considerable attention has been paid from time to time to a study of some of the chemical and biological processes which take place during storage. Early references concerning the proper storage of manure can be found in the Roman literature notably that of Varro or of Columella. During the dark ages all agricultural investigations were dropped and were not revived until the middle of the nineteenth century. At this time the work of such investigators as Wagner, Moerker, Pfeiffer and Voelcker created a new interest in the chemical and biological processes which take place in manures when stored and when variously treated. The early work at Rothamsted followed the same lines as that conducted by the Germans. The practical conclusions which were drawn as a result of the early work in England, Germany and France have held to the present day. As a result only a small amount of scientific work concerning the biological processes which take place in manure in storage has been done in recent years.

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