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With Lilium philadelphicum or the variety andinum this paper has nothing to do. We are concerned with the problem presented in an attempt to classify the wild lily of Iowa which in the past was referred to Lilium superbum by many botanists, and by others to Lilium canadense. In the herbarium at Iowa State College are specimens of lilies sent from different sections of Iowa and labeled Lilium superbum and Lilium canadense by those collecting the specimens. Mr. Cratty, the curator of the herbarium, kindly permitted the writer to examine these specimens and it was found that they were evidently all of the same species and that species neither superbum nor canadense. Volume XXI of the Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science contains a list of the plants indigenous to Linn County, Iowa. The author of this article reports both Lilium superbum and Lilium canadense. In one of the buildings at Iowa State College there is a picture in color of one of our native lilies and this is labeled Lilium canadense though it is not canadense but an entirely different species. The writer mentions the above not in the spirit of criticism but to indicate the confusion that has existed. It would be difficult to prove that either Lilium superbum or Lilium canadense has been found growing in the wild in this region.

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