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The present paper on the genus Lactuca and its distribution in Iowa is the result of a study of this group of plants carried on at the Iowa State College during the past two years, supplemented by field work, and a visit to some of the other large herbaria in the state. The extensive collection of this genus in the State College herbarium, very largely the result of Doctor Pammel's work, has been freely used. To Dr. B. Shimek the author is indebted for the privilege of examining the Lactuca in the herbarium of the State University, and to Prof. T. J. Fitzpatrick, of the State University of Nebraska, for access to his fine herbarium near Iowa City, which contains an especially rich and valuable collection of Iowa plants. The Hon. O. M. Oleson, of Fort Dodge, kindly loaned some specimens for examination. Mr. C. Neuberth, of the Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, also granted access to the Lactuca in that institution. To all these gentlemen grateful thanks are extended. For the drawings of the akenes in the plate accompanying this paper the writer is indebted to Miss Charlotte M. King, of the Iowa State College, whose skillful hand has done so much to illustrate the numerous publications issued by this institution.

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science





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