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This is so broad and full a subject that the necessary limitation of time and space will compel its treatment in a somewhat bald and meager manner. It is fitting that there should be given at the outset a brief statement of what had been accomplished previous to 1886-7. In 1839 Dr. D.D. Owen organized a corps of observers with whom he made a reconnaissance of portions of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, the results of which were published in 1840 as a part of the senate documents. Several years later he revisited the state and the fruits of his survey were published by authority of Congress in 1852 under the title of a Report of a Geological Survey of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. These pioneer reports, so far as they pertained to Iowa have been of marked value from a scientific standpoint, because they called attention to the things and places of special interest in a state where geology was in the main somewhat tame and obscure and apparently unimportant in an economic sense. The difficulties that had to be overcome at the time were extreme and one wonders that results of such extent and value were achieved under the attendant trying circumstances.

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