Events from 2017

Values Attached to Educational Goals and Perceived Outcomes, Educational Motivation, and Study Processes, Marie Adebiyi, Younis Al-Hassan, and Carole Hansborough Oral Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)

An Analysis of Youth Participation in Athletics, Jonathan Klein Oral Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)


Certified Nonprofit Professionals Early Career Decisions and Student Loan Debt, Kristina Kofoot Open Access Oral Presentation

Combating College Student Stress through Forming Nature Connections as a Youth, Thomas Lockard Poster Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)

Events from 2016

Parental Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Their Infant's Mandatory Vaccination in Saudi Arabia, Amani Al Rebeh Poster Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)

Events from 2015


Mindfulness Tools for Veterans With PTSD, Amy Davison Open Access Poster Presentation


Impact of Student Organizations on the Development of Core Competencies, Stanley Somtochukwu Ebede Open Access Oral Presentation 2015 Award

Exploring the Perceived Work-Life Effects of Changes in Family Status on the Collegiate Outdoor Recreation Coordinators, Andrew Martin Oral Presentation 2015 Award


Lifeguard Fitness Readiness: Certification vs. Qualification, Jacob Rasmussen Open Access Poster Presentation