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Who is For Immigration?

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Immigration preferences


A version of this undergraduate research paper was presented at the Political Economy Conference in New York, New York, February 24-26, 2017

Immigration has been fervently debated in recent history. This research investigates what effect certain economic and non-economic variables have on individuals’ likelihood to be pro-immigration. This is extended to individuals in the United States, Great Britain, and Turkey, analyzed with separate regressions. My research uses data from the 2013 International Social Survey Programme and logit regression methods to explore the relationship, mimicking research done by Anne Maria Mayda, as reported in the 2006 paper “Who Is Against Immigration? A Cross-Country Investigation of Individual Attitudes toward Immigrants”. This research updates Mayda’s by using the most recent data available and compares only the three previously specified countries. Key results of my research show that sex and age are not significant in the United States or Great Britain, while being male and being younger influences individuals in Turkey to be more pro-immigration. Additionally, more education led to more pro-immigration sentiments in the U.S. and the U.K., though not in Turkey. Moreover, I find that individuals in different countries are impacted by different variables, with no single variable being significant for all models in all three countries. The results of this research have application for those hoping to understand or to sway public opinion on immigration.

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July 2019

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Proceedings of the Jepson Undergraduate Conference on International Economics






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