This editorial provides background information concerning the lessons presented in the eight practical articles of this issue. All of these lessons address Mars Mysteries, anomalous features found in NASA photographs of the Martian surface. These unusual and thought-provoking features are explored by using Edward de Bono CoRT thinking skills to broaden perceptions enhancing critical and creative thinking. The lessons are intended to explore possibilities, but not to provide a definite final answer as to what the anomalies represent. These lessons were designed as enrichment lessons for gifted learners and support Renzulli’s Type I general exploratory experiences that expose students to a variety of issues not usually addressed by the school curriculum. These lessons also fit with Type II skill lessons because they focus on the de Bono thinking skills. Additionally, individual lessons are each designed to meet the needs of twice-exceptional gifted learners, containing lesson design features that assist gifted learners with specific disabilities or exceptionalities. Finally, each lesson includes a brief integrated arts project to synthesize the concepts discussed, expressing individual conclusions. Arts were integrated to foster engagement, increased level of attention, joy, and self-expression.



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