Gifted students, because of their advanced development compared to peers, have emotional needs that require differentiated education programs. Asynchronous social and emotional development of gifted students often leads to identity issues. Cinematherapy can be used to help gifted students explore their identities through analysis of the actions of gifted characters in films. This practical article suggests STEM-themed movies with characters facing challenges useful for gifted student identity development. The Autonomous Learners Model is used to classify gifted learners in the movies to assist teachers in matching movies to the needs of gifted learners. Tables of STEM-themed movies with gifted characters and a general list of discussion questions are provided. Finally, example Andy Warhol-inspired digital art projects related to iconic NASA space images that fit with space-themed movies are provided to allow gifted students to express the identity issues with which they wrestle and their insights about their personal character strengths.



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