This study considered how arts integration impacted preschoolers concerning the students’ acquisition, understanding, and retention of information about animal habitats. This current investigation used control and experimental conditions to determine the effects of art integration during students’ block building of animal habitats and their subsequent recollections of their work; this activity also incorporated the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and National Core Art Standards. The two NGSS standards utilized in the study are K-2-ETSI-1 and K-2-ETST-2. Overall, combined child-reported correct animal and habitat characteristics gain scores on the posttest and distal posttest showed significant differences between the two conditions, favoring the experimental arts-integrated condition with a medium effect size in both cases. These promising results from this study showed the increase not only in knowledge about animals and their habitats, but in creativity as the students integrated art materials into a traditional block center to create their animal habitats.



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