This practical lesson on greenhouses implements standards of the Next Generation Science Standards (K-2 ETS I-2; K-LS1-1) and the preschool objectives from the Teaching Strategies GOLD. Teaching Strategies GOLD is an assessment tool available online and in print that can be used with any developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum. The lesson structure follows the 5E’s Learning Cycle Constructivist Model for teaching and the project-based, hands-on approach to learning. The preschool-aged children went on a field trip to a working greenhouse and then collaborated in groups to produce a three-dimensional model of a greenhouse as arts integration into this science project. The children affixed photo stickers from their greenhouse visit onto a recycled plastic container to make the greenhouse building. They used clay, toothpicks, and colored paper leaves to recreate models of plants they had seen and then planted real seeds. The following lesson on plants and greenhouses serves as a successful example of positive arts-integrated science; the children worked together with enjoyment and took pride in their work while the teacher evaluated it as rewarding.



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